Special Breeding Stock & Bull Sale

October 2017
By Steve Carruthers
Posted: Updated:
03/10/2018 @ 10:00 am

This sale will be limited to qualifying livestock with top genetics & epd’s. You must contact Steve Carruthers to consign @ 618-322-0385.
The market is demanding quality genetics so come pick from some of best around. Keep improving your calf crop to help keep buyers wanting them. Financing is available thru our bull purchase program give Steve a call for details @618-322-0385.

Annual Breeding Bull & Cow Sale Saturday March 10, 2018 10am

Free complimentary lunch will be served

Featuring Annual Production Sale of Callan Angus, K-Farms Angus, Johnson Angus plus other consignors for our annual bull sale.

Early consignments:
Callan Angus
Bull Video

Callan Yrl Catalog        Fall Catalog
25-30 Angus bulls 12-20 months old ready for service
Bred Heifers       Cows        Open Heifers

25-35 Angus bred cows, cow/calf pairs, bred & open heifers
Fall Video Bulls

K – Farms Angus
Bull Video
K-Farm bulls
10-12 Angus bulls 15-20 months service ready

4-7 Angus bred cows, cow/calf pairs some bred back


Johnson Angus Farms
Cattle Video
Breeding bulls         Cow/Calf pairs
10-15 Angus bulls 12-16 months old service ready
14 Angus bred cows, cow/calf pairs, heifers

Singler Farm Simmentals
Bull Video
Singler catalog
2 Reg bulls 1/2 Sim 1/2 Ang reg# 3284496, 3284477
2 Reg bulls 3/4 Sim 1/4 Ang reg# 3284476, 3284481

Circle Z Angus
Bull Video
4-24 month old Angus bulls
5-18 month old Angus bulls
3-12 month old Angus bulls
8-10 Angus bred cows

B & D Farms
2 purebred Angus cows with there 2nd calf by side out of Callan Angus bull

Bull Video
1-18 month old Hereford bull Reg# 43762268
2-12 month old Hereford bulls Reg# 43804482, 43804483

Moffett Farms
1-18 month old Hereford bull Reg# 43762614
1-Hereford cow Reg# 43223172 with Jan bull calf by side
1-Hereford fall bred cow Reg# 43257102

Mettler Farms
1-18 month old Hereford bull reg# 43804127
1- 3yr Hereford cows bred to Hereford bull
1-30 month old Hereford bull reg#43659256

Double D Angus
1  Angus bull 2 yrs old Reg# 18564275

Sturdy Herefords
2-3yr old bred Hereford cows reg# 43592187, 43592172
1-18 month old Hereford bull reg# 43765011

Diamond A Simmental
1-yearling Sim/Ang bull reg# 3324369
2-18 month Sim/Ang bull reg# 3377599, 3378045
1-3yr old Sim/Ang bull reg#3230356
5 bred hfrs bred reg#3144979, 3378039, 3378041, 3378043, 3370844  Angus reg#AAA18047875 due  approx. April 5th
1st calf pair reg#3144952 bull calf born 2-1-18
1st calf pair reg#3144982 hfr calf born 2-8-18
fall pair reg#2983921 hfr calf born 10-19-17
fall pair reg#2983933 bull calf born 10-16-17
bred cow reg#2879714 bred to sim due 4-1-18
young pair reg#2879688 bull calf born 2-2-18

Lorenzen Farms
3 Reg Hereford bulls 2 yrs old reg#43644925, #43735962, #43735785
3 reg Hereford cows reg#43401797,#43524941,#43469361 bred to 33z 43294080

Lurkins Farm
1 Reg Hereford bull 30 months old reg# 43705427

Goddard Farms
1-3yr old Angus bull reg# 18128967

Robb Simentals
3 Simmental bred hfrs reg# 3330520, 2749321, bred to Sim/Ang #2867644

Stumpf Farms
18 month old Hereford bull reg#43879126