Special Breeding Stock Sale

October 2017
By Steve Carruthers
Posted: Updated:
02/10/2018 @ 10:00 am

Early Consignments:
Gajewski Farms
1 Spring bred Angus heifer Reg#18719410
4 Spring bred Angus cows Reg#17409718, 17879094, 17944744, 18019627
2 Fall bred Angus cows Reg#17944753, 18105225
2 Angus 3 in 1 pairs Reg#18079308, 18083175
1 Simmental spring pair Reg#3080003
2 Simmental 3 in 1 pairs Reg#3080004, 3080006
1 Simmental fall bred cow Reg#2671479

70 Blk & BWF cows 3-8 yrs old bred to Callan Angus or TRU-LA-DA polled Hereford bull. Cows are on GLA COW Vac program. Cows on this program are guaranteed to be current on vaccinations & have been vaccinated with Vira Shield VL5HB & Vision 7 20/20. They have been pour on wormed with Eprinex or Safeguard wormed

3 Blk first calf hfrs with calves by side & 1 first calf hfr due in March

6 Blkx cows 5-7 yrs old bred to Angus bull

2 Shorthorn Heifers & 1 Shorthorn cow bred to purebred Shorthorn bull

Complete Herd Dispersal
15 Blkx cows 5-8 years old bred to Sim/Ang bull
1 Sim/Ang bull 3 yrs old

1-18 month old purebred Angus bull no papers

Complete Herd Dispersal
27-Blkx 6-9 yr old cows bred Betzold Angus bull start calving in March
2-3yr old Registered Angus bulls originating from Betzold Farms

2-2 & 3 yr old Limx cows bred to Blk Angus bulls

3 Reg Hereford cows #43081350, 42762173, 42737367 bred to Reg Hereford bull
2 Mixed cows bred to Hereford bull

 Herd Dispersal
30 Charx and Blkx bred cows 7-10 years old bred to Rudow Angus bull due to calve in 30-45 days

CDL Cattle
1  Blk yearling 1/2 Sim bull sired by Steel Force GS
2 Bwf yearling 1/2 Sim bulls sired by Lock N Load GS & Steel Force

1 Simmental heifer (Milestone x Antoinette)  bred to Angus bull due late March

Herd Dispersal
38 mixed cows 4-8 yrs old bred to Angus bull some with calves by side

8-10 Blkx cows 7-9 yrs old bred to Angus bull