Special Breeding Stock Sale

September 2017
By GLAAdmin
Posted: Updated:
11/11/2017 @ 10:00 am

Featuring the production sales of: 

Kramer Angus 5-10 hd Registered Angus bred cows & heifers
3 registered bred heifers, 3 registered bred Angus cows, 5 commercial Blk cows with fancy calves by side, 2 low birth wt registered Angus bulls 20 mo old Reg# 18805982, 18652275 

Betzold Angus 20-25 hd Registered & Commercial Angus bred cows & pairs

Stan & Lisa Buzzard 45 hd fancy commercial Charx & Blkx bred heifers bred to Curtain Land & Cattle low birth weight registered Angus bulls turned in May 8 taken out July 21. https://youtu.be/yjsoLyXd0Po

Rincker & Hillstown Simmental 15 bred cows, bred heifers, & cow calf pairs

Harnetiaux Farms 30 Fancy Blkx heifers bred to Curtain Land & Cattle low birth weight Angus bulls turned in May 4th.  https://youtu.be/HkW8Z6aRP5c

5 Angus Fall calving cows 6-10 years old have calves by their side

6 Pure bred Charolais cows 5-6 yrs old bred to Black Angus bull

7 Sim/Ang heifers due to calve in March

2 ~ 20 month old bulls ASA Reg# 3150129 PB Simmental, 3150130 3/4 Sim 1/4 Ang

2 Reg cows ASA#2439437 Ang# 17318087 bull used on both is ASA# 3101542

10 Blackx cows 5-8 yr old bred to registered Angus bull

Ascent Farm~ 2 Reg Angus cows reg# 17675283 with heifer calf, 17168923, 2 Angus bulls 16 & 17 mo. old

2 PB Shorthorn cows 3-4 yrs old bred to Shorthorn bull

HERD DISPERSAL~ 60 Blkx cows 5-10 yrs old, bred to Angus or Hereford bulls

Maxey Farm~ 1 yrl BWF hfr open 1/2 Hereford 1/2 Angus Dame: Otto Reloaded Sire: Hot Rod Son

10 Blkx cows 3-6 yrs old with calves by side

The Ochs Cattle Co~ PB Sim cow RS Carisma ASA# 3032327 bred to Sim bull WWS Stringer ASA#2977777

Gajewski Farm~ 1 Reg. Angus hfr  Reg#18338632 bred to Reg Ang bull #18476813, 2 Reg Angus cows Reg# 17878425, 17944747, Reg Simm cows Reg# 3115314, 3045871, 1 Comm cow 3 yrs old

HERD DISPERSAL~ 21 Blk cows 3-10 yrs old bred to PB Red Angus bull, PB Red Angus bull 2 yrs old

2 Blk Simmental bulls 18 mo old

5 Red Angus cow/calf pairs

1 Red Angus cow 6 yrs old bred to Fleckvieh bull due soon, 1 Red Angus x Flechvieh hfrs bred to Red Angus bull due in Mar, 1 Red Angus hfr bred to PB Red Angus bull due in Mar

1 Hereford 4 yrs old cow/calf pair