By Steve Carruthers
Posted: Updated:
12/14/2019 @ 10:00 am

Breeding Stock Special Saturday December 14th 10am
open to all consignments:

Fred Gajewski Farms

30 Blkx hfrs AI bred to Sydgen Enhance reg# 18170041 on May 21 due to start calving Feb 27, 2020. Exposed to easy calving Angus bulls from Rampage reg# 19225332  and Kramers Jackpot reg# 19146229


Slykuis Farms

20 Blkx hfrs AI bred on April 1st to ABS SydGen Enhance(AAA 18170041), calving ease cleanup bull was turned in on day 14 of breeding season. Heifers were preg checked on day 30 via blood test to determine AI conception. The cleanup bull was pulled on day 60 of breeding season. The heifers were all pelvic measured and reproductive tract scored prior to breeding. The processing and management followed the old IHDP guidelines. The Heifers are sired by ABS CCR Boulder, ABS SydGen Multi Tool, ABS V A R Reserve, ABS 2 Bar Partner, and ORgen V A R Foreman. They are eligible for the GLA Heifer Lease Program.

Johnson Angus Farm Herd Reduction
15 Reg. spring bred cows, 12 fall pairs &  2 fall open heifers
Fall cows DJ 12-14-19
Spring cows DJ 12-14-19

JB Farm Complete Herd Dispersal
5 bred reg. Angus hfrs AI Angus reg#18383380, 16408445, 18258149, 16925771, 15688351 to start calving in March

Routh Angus
1 Reg Angus bull Reg#19190886
6 Reg Angus cows 3-4 yrs old Reg# 18782772,18784263, 18878723,18775921,18775919,15839449 bull turned in 6-27-19 to either Linz Pay weight Reg#18927719 or
RAF 77 American Value Reg#19190886
5 Reg Angus cows 4-6 yr old with calves by side Reg# 17023679,17900001,18303660,18629711,18250944

2  Commercial Angus cows 2-3 yrs old bull turned in 6-27-19 to Linz Pay weight Reg.#18927719

D A T Cattle herd Reduction
20 reg Simmental & Sim/Ang A-I bred cows
7-3 yr old reg#3485968,3293620,3293627,3293609,3293628,3123917,3123932
3-4 yr old reg#2967590,2967582,2967579
4-5 yr old reg#2846938,2846943,2846953,2846950
3-6 yr old cows reg#2744660,2744669,2744654
3-8 yr old cow reg#2626456,2626454,2626457

Bauer Simmentals
2-18 month old reg Sim bulls reg# 3553703, 3639022

EM Farms
1- 18 mo old reg. Hereford bull reg# P43913053

MF Farms Herd Dispersal
16 Blkx cows coming with 2nd calve bred to Rhodes Angus bull start calving Jan 1st
10 Blk heifers bred to Rhodes Angus bull start calving Jan 1st

MB Farms Complete Herd Dispersal
7-3yr old Hereford/Red Angus cows bred to Etherton Black Limi bull in May 20th
14-4-8 yr old mixed red cows bred to Etherton Black Limi bull in May 20th

GD Farms Complete Herd Dispersal
25 Blkx cows 4-8 yrs old bred Black Angus bull

Koester Farms
1 Reg Sim cow with calf by side reg# 3120499, 1 Reg Sim cow reg# 3120506 bred to Sim bull reg#3238980

RA Farm
6 Simx bred cows

Fox Creek Cattle
6 Sim/SimAngus cows bred to reg. Sim bull

RC Farms
10 Blkx cows 6-8 yrs old bred Blk Angus

York Farms
1 Reg Angus cow with hfr calf by side Reg#17373825
1 Reg Angus cow with bull calf by side Reg#16466219
1-2yr old Commercial hfr due 2-15-20
Calves are out of Stevenson Weigh Up 60236 Reg#18434733 hfr bred to same bull

LR Farm
4 Red Angus x Fleckvieh hfrs bred to easy calving Red Angus bull, 1 Fleckvieh cow 3 yrs old bred to easy calving Red Angus bull, 1 yrl Red Angus bull

JC Farms
12 RWF & BWF 5-8 yrs old bred Hereford

TD Farm
10 Blkx & Charx cows 7-10 yrs old bred to blk Angus bull

Russell Land & Cattle
2 Reg Sim cows reg# 3050189 AI bred 7/7/19 to WC No Remorse reg# 2614801 due 4/16/20
reg# 2898640 bull bred 5/27/19 to JLR Downforce 011E reg# 3266869 due 3/6/20

Roy Bohle Farm
18 fancy home raised Black Angus heifers bred to Curtin low birth weight Black Angus bulls due to start calving first of Feb

JA Farms
6 Blkx cow/calf pairs 5-8 yrs old

MB Farm
2 WF cow/calf pairs 7-8 yrs old

 E&M Parr Farm
1-30 month old reg Black Angus bull reg#18961973

JP Farm
4 Blkx cow/calf pairs 6-7 yrs old

Harvey Mc Ghee Herd Dispersal
20 Mix cows 5-8 yrs old bred to Angus bull