Special Breeding Stock Sale open to all Consignments

October 2017
By Steve Carruthers
Posted: Updated:
03/30/2019 @ 10:00 am

Breeding Stock Sale Sat March 30th 10am
open to all consignments

Early Consignments:

D&N Complete Herd Dispersal
30 Black & Red cows 2-8 yrs old several with calves by side or bred
to Black Angus or Red Simmental bulls

1 Reg Black Angus bull originating from Rosewood Angus #19037324

2 Reg Black Angus bulls reg#19391732 & reg#19393353

A &M Farms

 26 Fancy bred cows (23 Blk, 2 Red, 1 Choc) 3-6 years old bred to Blk Angus or Semi/Ang bulls. Some will have calf by side by sale day.

35 Mixed cows 3-7 yrs old on the GLA Cow vac program

8 Fancy Black heifers bred to Black Angus bull

2-2yr old Reg Angus cows with fall calves by side

20 mixed cows 6-9 yrs old bred to Blk Angus or Blk Simmental bulls

7 mixed cows 7-9 yrs old bred Blk Simmental bull

2 Registered Angus cows 7 & 8 year old

10 Blkx cows 4-9 years old bred Black Angus

Bauer Simmentals
1-18 mo old Sim/Ang bull reg.#3396335, 1- 18 mo old Blk Angus bull reg.# 19149315  &
1-5yr old bred Sim/Ang cow reg#2977776

Hubner Farms
2-18 month old REgistered Angus bulls reg.#19381240 & #19381241

20 Blkx cow/calf pairs 2-8 yrs old vaccinated

12 Blkx & Bwf heifers

18 mixed bred cows 4-8 yrs old some will have calves by side by sale day

3 purebred Black Angus bulls no papers 18-24 months old

4 Reg Black Angus cows reg# 19147712, 18812320, 18161930, 17357563, 1 Reg Black Angus bull 27 mo old, 1 hfr calf 7 mo old. Cattle are on a vaccination program and wormed.

1-3yr old registered Hereford bull

1-3-yr old Reg. Hereford cow with bull calf by side
1-2 yr old Reg Hereford bull

Rosewood Farms
4-18 month old Reg Black Angus bull reg. #19195432, 19195426, 19118191, reg pending on last bull. Semen checked, vaccinated and wormed.

Complete Dispersal D & B Farm
37 AngxLimxBraunvieh bred cows 3-10 yrs old & 1 purebred Braunvieh bull

1-3yr old Reg Black Angus bull reg# 18443043, 1-2yr old bred Reg Black Angus heifer reg.# 18243834, 1-3yr old bred BWF cow


1-2 yr old Angus bull sired by Tour of Duty, PB no papers

8 purebred Hereford cows 4-7 yrs old bred to purebred Hereford bull due April-May