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 10:00 am
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We are proud to welcome Gene Price and Caleb Price to our Team!

Gene Price 217-331-3930   Caleb Price 217-827-5818


December 10, 2016 Special Breeding Stock Sale 10am

Harnetiaux Farm 40 Blk heifers bred to Reg. Ang bulls

Bulls turned in May 2nd to Aug 4th

Roadarmel Angus Farms - 2 Reg Ang cows bred AAA 17026712 AI bred to VAR Reserve, 17373029 bred to Reg# 18068439

M & S Rhodes Angus Complete Herd Dispersal

22 Big Fancy Blk cows 14  5-6 yr olds & 8  3-4 yr olds bred to registered Angus bull

7 will have calves by side bull turned in June 1st

2 Angus bulls Reg# 17666160

Cattle can viewed on farm by appointment call the office @ 618-532-3095

Ahlf Acres Herd Dispersal

28 Fancy Blk & Charx fall calving first calf heifers with calves by side 4 to 8 weeks old open

                                            25 Nebraska Origin Blk cows 3-7 yrs old bred Sim/Ang bull due Feb-Apr  

Cattle can be viewed on farm by appointment call the office @ 618-532-3095

Max Frailey Complete Herd Dispersal
30 Blkx Spring Calving Cows, 1 Reg. Red Angus Bull
6 ~ 3-4 yr old, 10 ~ 5-7 yr old 14 ~ 8 to Aged all bred to 4 yr old Kramer Reg. Red Angus Bull

Don Boldt Estate
 4 PB Blk Simmental Bulls Reg# 2871228, 3037804, 2758476

Paddick Farm 

1 Reg Simmental bull Reg# 3087136, 2 Simmental Cow/Calf prs Reg# 2660296, 2940121, 1 Simmental Heifer Reg# 3079988

 bred to bull #3087136

Irl Rincker Farm

2 PB Angus cows Reg# 18021971, 18021990 AI bred to Exar Upshot and Tour of Duty, 1 first calf heifer Reg# 18272674 Exposed to son of Weigh Up, 2 Commercial Angx cows bred to Angus bull 


4 Blk cows 5-7 yrs old bred Blk bull
20 Mixed cows 3-7 yrs old bred to Hereford or Blk bulls
10 Blkx cows 3-6 yrs old some with calves by side running with Blk bull
12 Blk & Charx spring calving cows 7-10 yrs old bred to Ang bull
11 Blk & Bwf spring calving cows 3-9 yrs old bred to Sim/Ang bull, Bull turned in May 28th to August 5
8 Blkx Cows 5-7 yrs old bred to Blk Simm Bull due to calve in the spring
2 Red Ang Heifers bred to Red Ang Bull
5 Blk cow/calf pairs calves out of Son of OReily Factor

2 Blkx cow/calf prs, 1 Blkx bred cow

5 Blkx Cow/Calf prs 4 -5 yrs old

6 Blk cow/ calf pairs 3-6 yrs old

2-3yr old Chax cows bred to Wright Sim bull

Next Regular Wednesday Auction

December 14th, 2016

19 mixed strs & hfrs 375-500 lbs GLA Vac1 weaned

Upcoming Beef Meetings:

December 8, 2016 6:30pm Country Kitchen

in Teutopolis, Il sponsored by Merck Rep Sara Benson

& guest Kathy Faber 

Please RSVP by Dec. 6th to Stephanie @ 


Welcome ­to Greenville Livestock Auction, Inc. located in Greenville, IL just ½-mile south on route 127 from I-70 exit 45.

   J.R. Hugo, Travis and Shaina Diekemper invite you to visit us online or personally at our weekly auction every Wednesday and see the facility in person.

     While browsing our site you can find map and directions to our facility, how to contact us, meet our staff, review our latest market reports and make sure to mark your calendars when you take a look at our up coming specials also, check out GLA Vacc program.

Sale Every Wednesday 10:00 am
Order of sale:
Fat Cattle
Sheep & Goats (12:00, Noon)
Baby Calves
Breeding Cattle
Feeder Cattle
Slaughter Cows & Bulls

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Back Row: Left to Right: Danny Hugo, Mary Hugo, Bob Kaplan of Kaplan Real Estate, Dennis Potthast of Elmore-Potthast Insurance
Front Row: Left to Right: Travis Diekemper, Shaina Diekemper. J.R. Hugo

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