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While browsing our site you can find map and directions to our facility, how to contact us, meet our staff, review our latest market reports and make sure to mark your calendars when you take a look at our up coming specials also, check out GLA Vacc program.



If you are a Beef Fat Cattle producer please be sure you are BQA Certified & we have a copy of your certificate


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Next Auction Wednesday January 29th, 2020
Early Consignments:

15 Blkx bulls & hfrs 350-550 lbs
6 Blkx cows 8-10 yrs old bred blk
8 Wfx cows 4-7 yrs old bred Hereford


 Any questions about slaughter cow market contact Gene @ 217-331-3930

 Breeding Stock Special
Saturday February 15th @ 10am

Mark Frankford Farm Complete Dispersal
30 Blk cows 4-10 yrs old bred to Rhodes Angus or Range BWF Simm bull due to start calving Feb 25

7 Outstanding Fancy Black Angus cows 4-6 yrs old bred Angus

9 Fancy Hereford cows 4-7 yrs old bred red Angus

19 Blk & Bwf cows 3-7 yrs old bred Black or Red Angus on complete herd health program really nice group of Angus cross cows with lot of genetics.

12 yellow & choc Charx cows 4-8 yrs old bred Black Angus on GLA cow vac program. Nice set of crossbred cows.

20 Blk & Bwf cows 3-6 yrs old bred Black Angus or Hereford.
These are a extremely fancy set of fall calving cows.

6 Mixed cows 4-7 yrs old bred blk Angus

Complete Herd Dispersal
14 Mixed cows, 3 cow/calf pairs, 2 blk Angus bulls

14 Char cows 4-7 yrs old bred to Purebred Char bull

11 Commercial Angus cows 6 yrs old start calving March 26th bred
reg Angus bull reg#17308146

Destiny Angus
11 Angus cows 4-7 yrs old with calves by side
6 Angus & 2 Charx cows 4-8 yrs old bred Black Angus bull
click here for information Destiny Angus Lots for Greenville Sale Feb 15

2 Reg Hereford bulls 18 mo old

Looking to expand your herd contact Steve Carruthers
618-322-0385  for info on our

Heifer and Cow Lease Programs 




If you are looking to earn some extra income and have feed & facilities to raise livestock. We are looking for producers like you to custom feed feeder cattle for us.

If you are interested or have questions contact:
Steve Carruthers 618-322-0385, Gene Price 217-331-3930, or Caleb Price 217-827-5818,  for further details.




Applies to Fat cattle producers only

We need your BQA certificates on file by Dec 31, 2018
If you haven’t gotten certified you can go on line to
(click on bqa.org to go to cite)  BQA.org  to get certified & print certificate.  Any questions call Steve @ 618-322-0385
We highly recommend but not mandatory it will make a difference on your bottom line.

Due to new demands by some packer buyers. (effective Jan. 1, 2019) We would like to have a BQA certification from all of our fat cattle producers. This will help us keep all options open for marketing your livestock.
We highly recommend but not mandatory.
that producers get certified it is another way to help maintain positive consumer confidence in the cattle industry.




Recent News

If you are looking for a Risk Management Program or are interested more information about our Finance Program – Contact Steve @ 618-322-0385.
Try our cattle collection facility in Effingham. Contact Gene @ 217-331-3930 or Caleb @ 217-827-5818



Order of Sale: Fat Cattle, Sheep & Goats, Baby Calves, Bred cows, bulls & cow/calf pairs stock, Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Feeder Cattle, Slaughter Bulls & Cows.



Recent Market Reports

Sale results for: January 22nd, 2020 Total receipts: 682 Cattle receipts: 635 Slaughter steers and heifers traded 1.00 higher on high choice and...

Sale results for: January 15th, 2020 Total receipts: 836 Cattle receipts: 780 Slaughter steers and heifers traded 1.00 higher on high choice and...