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Weekly Sale Every Wednesday at 10AM

Selling all classes of Livestock: Fat Cattle, Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Feeder Cattle, Breeding Stock, Slaughter Cows & Bulls, Sheep & Goats, Baby Calves.

Livestock Receiving Hours

Tuesdays 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM and
Wednesdays starting at 6:30 AM

Receiving hours for Special Sales: Fridays 9:00 AM thru 10:00 PM Saturdays 6AM thru 9AM

Risk Management Program

  • If you are looking for a Risk Management Program or are interested more information about our Finance Program – Contact Steve @ 618-322-0385.

Additional Information

Try our cattle collection facility in Effingham.
Contact Gene @ 217-331-3930 or Caleb @ 217-827-581

Buyers prefer & have orders requesting GLA VAC 2 cattle ONLY, so PLEASE try to get the 2nd round of vaccines in your cattle in time to qualify them to be “GLA VAC 2”!!!!** It will be VERY beneficial to you, the seller!!** **Any questions, please call us at 618-664-1432** Listed below are our minimum guideline dates for the Greenville Livestock Auction (GLA) Vac Program.

NOTE: ALL feeder specials will be GLA Vac 1, GLA Vac 2 & GLA Vac 3 feeder cattle ONLY.
Our Regular Wednesday auction includes ALL TYPES of feeder cattle, Vaccinated & Non Vaccinated.
Please contact J.R. Hugo or Steve Carruthers for more information, and also to learn how to get your cattle qualified for our “TAG ‘EM” Vaccine Program!

Planning & managing is the key for successful marketing to receive full value for your livestock. Number 1 if you want your cattle to top the market come watch to see what brings the top try to match or improve. No matter what you think the buyers opinion is what counts he is the one that will write the check. Do not over condition & take all the performance away before the buyer receives them if they do not perform they will not buy them again. Same goes for quality buy, quality bulls to produce superior genetics. Watch your dates for timing vaccinations & weaning. Remember to check out the GLA3 program on the GLA vaccination page ~Hauling available~