By Steve Carruthers
Posted: Updated:
04/13/2024 @ 11:00 am

Grass Time Breeding Stock Special
Sat April 13th 11am
Early Consignments:

Paulson Farms
14 Red Angus 3 & 4 yr old cow/calf pairs
2 Charx 4 yr old pairs
4 Blkx 2-4 yr old pairs
12 Blkx cows 3-6 yrs old cows bred to Black Sim bull
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Lewey Farms
3 Hereford, 1 Bwf, 1 Blk, heifers bred to low BW Black Angus bull

Callan Angus
4 Callan Reg Black Angus open heifers reg# 20700310, 20700251, 20884831
1 Callan Reg Black Angus cow/calf pair reg# 20478814
bull calf by side sired by CF Blast & A-I bred Feb 5th to YON Saluda

Circle Z Zimmerman Angus
5 Registered 18 month old Black Angus bulls
Reg#20779390 CED+13 BW+.7 WW+77 YW+141 $C+339
20779391 CED+5 BW+2.5 WW+84 YW+146 $C+336
20779389 CED+16 BW-1.1 WW+62 YW+117 $C+338
20777879 CED+14 BW-1.2 WW+66 YW+119 $C+336
20790607 CED+4 BW+1.3 WW+65 YW+120 $C+287
 Commerical Angus cows 4-6 yrs old with calves by side & A-I bred back
3 Red Angus heifers A-I bred to GAR Surefire,
10 Blkx fall calving cows 4-6 yrs old bred to Ang bulls,
3 Red Angus cow/calf pairs 5-6 yrs old
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Singler Simmental
1 Registered 15 month old black Sim/Ang bull
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B&T Farms
15 Black Angus & Sim/Ang first calf heifers with A-I calves sired
by ABS Jameson at side
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K&W Farms
15 Mx cows 4-6 yrs old bred to Nichols Angus bull

LW Farm
3 Reg Blk Angus bulls 2- 2 yrs old reg# 20600598, 20623365 & 1 -18 mo old reg# 20619916

Tally Farms Herd Dispersal
90 Blkx, Simx, and Chax bred cows 4-8 yrs old
running with 5 Black Angus and 1 Bwf Simmental bulls
due to start calving May 1st
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M&M Complete Herd Dispersal
45 Blkx & Chax cows 3-9 yrs old 25 with calves by side
balance will bred to Char bull
22 Chax open heifers 600-800 lbs