By Steve Carruthers
Posted: Updated:
02/10/2024 @ 11:00 am

Sweetheart of a Sale
Breeding Stock Special
Saturday Feb. 10th @ 11am
Free Breakfast of biscuits and gravy from 8 am to 10:55 am

Brody Diekemper
25 big fancy Black ANGUS bred heifers
2 Sim/Ang bred heifers
1 Bwf & 1 Hereford bred heifers

These heifers have been handpicked from 200 head for disposition and udder quality.
They have been checked for udder quality, pelvic measured, and vaccinated
They are GLA Heifer Program eligible.
Callan Angus and Johnson Angus low birth weight bulls were turned in May 25th
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M&T Farm
2 Reg Sim/Ang bulls 2 yrs old
4 Angus & Hereford hfrs bred to Blk Ang bull
6 Blkx cows 3-5 yrs old bred to Sim/Ang bulls
4 Blkx cows 6-8 yrs old bred to Sim/Ang bulls
10 Hereford cows 4-7 yrs old bred Blk Angus

15 Simx cows 4-7 yrs old bred Blk Angus

JD & ML Farms Herd Dispersal
40 Blkx & Chax cows 5-9 yrs old with 150-250 lbs calves by side
20 Blkx & Chax bred cows 5-9 yrs old
cows are bred to either Callan Black Angus, Littlejohn Red Angus or
Gajewski BWF Sim bulls depending on which pasture they were in

Reynolds Farms Herd Reduction
20 Blk & Bwf Sim & Sim/Ang cows 4-7 yrs old
bred to Black Angus or Red Angus bulls some will have calves by sale day

H&W Farm
2 Reg Blk Angus bulls 2&3 yrs old Reg# 20397618 & 20298977


Lucas Goldstein Farm
2 Blk Angus hfrs bred to Hereford bull due to calve first of April
2 Hereford cows bred to Hereford bull


B&M Farm Dispersal
info call Ben 618-779-9947
20 registered Red Angus 1st calf heifers with calves by side
25-35 Registered Red Angus cow 3-6 yrs old with 20 fall calves by side bred back
to Reg 2R Red Angus bull bull turned in mid Nov
10-15 registered Red Angus cows 3-6 yrs old bred to Red Angus bulls


Aherin Farm Dispersal
1 Reg low bw Angus-Gelbvieh bull 2 yrs old
1 Reg Sim-Ang cow, 1 comm Sim-Ang cow both bred to low bw Angus- Gelbvieh bull

Schaefer Farm
4 Hereford spring calving hfrs bred to low bw Hereford bull

Heyen Farms
20 purebred Hereford cows 3-6 yrs old bred to Black Angus or Hereford bull

Ethan Hanold Farm
25-30 big fancy Blkx & Bwf cows 3-6 yrs old
Cows are either home raised or were purchased as heifers from Wolf Farms in Nebraska
they have been used as recipient cows.  They will be bred to Reck Bros Blk Sim bulls

Prairie Pointe Cattle
1-24 month old Ultra Black bull


Daniels Farm
1 PB Hereford bull 30 mo old

Prairie Pointe Cattle
1-24 month old Ultra Black bull
5 Ultra Black & Black Angus cows 3-6 yrs old bred to Tru-La-Da Hereford bull

Littlejohn Red Angus Farm
3 purebred Red Angus bulls 24-30 months old

Heern Family Farm
5 Fancy 1st calf Callan Angus sired heifers with Callan Angus sired calves by side
1 Fancy Callan sired heifer bred to Callan Angus bull