By Steve Carruthers
Posted: Updated:
09/16/2023 @ 11:00 am

Special Breeding Stock Sale
Saturday September 16th @ 11am
Note start time 11am

Korsmeyer Farms Bred Heifers
50 Fancy Blk and BWF fall calving heifers bred to
low birth weight Blk Angus bull. These heifers are pelvic
measured and vaccinated.
They are GLA Heifer program eligible.
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Williams Farm
4 Purebreed Blk Ang bulls 18-24 mo old
reg# 20253142, 20254117, 20253138, 20253143

BMK Farm
14 Blkx Cows 3-6 yrs old bred to Blk Bull, 5 Blkx Cow/Calf pairs

Woker Farm
3 Blk Cows 2-3 yrs old bred to Blk Bull, 3 Blk Cow/Calf pairs

4 Blk Angus hfrs bred to low birth weight Blk Angus bull

20 Blk Bwf spring calving cows 3-6 yrs old bred to black Angus bull
these cows are coming off of very short pasture

1-2 yr old Reg Black Angus bull reg#20232810

1 Reg Red Angus bull 30 mo old reg# 2 Purebreed Red Angus bulls 30 mo old all out of Beiber genetics