Annual Reg. Bull & Female Special

November 2019
By Steve Carruthers
Posted: Updated:
03/11/2023 @ 11:00 am

Annual Registered Bull & Cow Special
Saturday March 11th @ 11 am start time
Free Biscuit & Gravy breakfast 8-11am

Sale is open to all buyers

To consign livestock to this auction call Steve if you have eligible animals to consign 618-322-0385
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75-85 reg bulls & 100-120 reg females from these consignors
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Featuring consignments from:
Callan Angus Farm, Johnson Angus, Mickey Angus, Keith & Brady Kramer Farms, RDGK Red Angus,
Diamond A Simmental, Brody Diekemper
Tru-La-Da Hereford, Westwind Herefords, and Gajewski Farm, Pin Oak Farms
Paszkiewicz Farm Simmentals, Tarr Simmentals, Chase Angus,

Callan Angus Farms
20 Fall Reg Black Angus Bulls 18-20 mo old, 10 Spring Reg Black Angus bulls, 10 Open Reg Black Angus heifers & 15-20 Reg Black Angus bred cows and cow/calf pairs
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Johnson Angus
5 yearling reg Blk Angus bulls, 4 yearling open Blk angus heifers
5 Blk Angus pairs 3-5 yrs old
Cows, Heifers Data Sheet click to view
Bull Data Sheets click to view

Brody Diekemper
2-2yr old reg Black Angus bulls originating from Callan Angus reg#20183982,20183907
1-2yr old reg Red Angus bull originating from RDGK Red Angus reg#4381665 click to view

Tru-La-Da Herefords
1-18 month old reg Hereford bull reg#44302438
2 yearling open reg Hereford heifer reg#44302455, 44302444
1-yearling fall bred reg Hereford heifer due in Aug reg#44302451
3-3 yr old spring calving reg Hereford cows, reg#44143795,44143799, 44143793 click to view

Diamond A Simmentals
5 fall calving reg Sim & Sim/Ang cows & hfrs 2-5 yrs old reg#4051904, 4051908, 4051891, 4025742, 3456219, 3619571
6-14-18 month old reg PB Black Simmental & Sim/Angus bulls reg#4051903,4051893, 4051896,4073972,4174545, 4174544 click to view

Mickey Angus
2 Reg Blk Angus bulls 14 mo old
Click here to view EPDs Mickey Angus Greenville Registered Breeding Stock Sale Bulls
2023 Mickey Angus Greenville Cow Calf Pair click to view
4-yearling fall A-I bred reg Black Angus heifers
2023 Mickey Angus Bred Heifers click to view click to view

Westwind/Yoder Partnership Herefords
10-15 yearling open reg Hereford heifers reg#44424844,4424852,44424075
2 yearling reg Hereford bulls reg#44430991, 4437506 click to view

 Keith & Brady Kramer Angus
8-18 month old reg Blk Angus bulls
2023 Greenville females Keith & Brady Kramer click to view
2023 Greenville bulls Keith & Brady Kramer click to view

Lot 1-tag 2132

Lot 2- tag 2114

Lot 3-tag 2116

Lot 4-tag 2127

Lot 5-tag 2120

Lot 6-tag 105

Lot 7-tag 2125

Lot 8-tag 2128

Gajewski Farm
5-18 month Reg Blk Angus bulls, reg#20294718, 20294723, 20294726, 20318527, 20333365
2 yearling Reg Blk Angus bulls, reg#, 20472893, 20549243
2023 Gajewski Farms sale click to view
2-18 month Reg Sim bulls, reg#4104678, 4164019
2 yearling Reg Sim bulls, reg#4034025, 4034016
3 Reg Blk Angus fall calving cows & calves bred back reg#18719421, 19009645, 19645728
3 reg Blk Angus cows & 2 heifers reg#18806347, 19342795, 20050550, 20294722, 20333366
3 Reg Sim fall calving cows & calves bred back reg# 3721898, 3721924
1 Reg Sim spring pair & 1 bred cow reg#2876057, 3584901


RDGK Red Angus
2-18 month old Red Angus bulls
4 fall calving reg Red Angus cow

RDGK Lucy Brave H152       reg# 4381663
RDGK Wynonna Atomic H156      reg#  4381669
RDGK Mary Excellence H158        reg#4381657
RDGK Peri Atomic J173          reg#4570411
March 11th Sale Information click to view
March Sale Bulls (1) click to view
Bull 177:
18 month old Red Angus Bull, Registration# 4570419. AI sired by KCC Excellence 139-774. His granddam is a maternal sister to the Red Angus breed legend LSF Takeover 9943W. Consigned to the Annual Registered Bull & Cow Special on March 11th at Greenville Livestock Auction (Greenville, IL).
He has 10 EPDs in the top 34% of the breed, including Pro$, GM, CED, BW, YW, ADG, CEM, YG, REA & Fat. He is growth, carcass and calving ease.
Bull 176:
18 Month Year Old Red Angus Bull, Registration #4636357. He is AI sired by Select Sires KCC Excellence 139-774. Seven generations on the bottom side have an MPPA of over 100. He is consigned to the Annual Registered Bull & Cow Special Sale on March 11th at the Greenville Livestock Auction (Greenville, IL).
This bull covers all the bases; growth, carcass, maternal and calving ease. He has 15 EPDs in the top 37% of the Red Angus breed including Pro$, HB, GM, CED, BW, YW, ADG, Milk, HPG, CEM, Marb, YG, CW, REA & Fat. Seven of these are in the top 12%.

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RDGK March Sale Bulls!ApVBSK-dm8TQkjFWw7mZYy42H2eh?e=MeVdUL

Pin Oak Farms
1 reg Black Angus bulls
reg# 19882940 & 20491521

Paszkiewicz Farm
6 Reg Simmental and Simm/Ang bulls
Simmental reg# 3935135, 3935146
Simm/Ang reg#3935142, 3935145, 3935130, 3935128 click to view

Chase Angus click to view
9 yearling reg Black Angus bulls reg#20337557,20582771, 20337560, 20337561, 20337562.
20337311, 20337261, 20333977, 20333978
7 reg Black Angus open yearling females reg#20582775, 20582773, 20582774, 20337584,
20333979, 20339731, 20337331


Tarr Simmental
2 Reg Simmental bulls reg#4133572, 4133573,4133571






Craig Woker Farms
2 reg Black Angus heifers A-I bred to low BW Angus bull
reg#20010616 A-I bred to Man in Black due 6-8-23
reg#20074777 A-I bred tp Man in Black due 3-6-23
1 Sim bred heifer Goldmine x Black Joker
A-I bred to Angus bull due 3-19-23

Stanowski Farms
2 fall calving reg Sim pairs
reg# 3627903 blk hfr calf sired by reg#3769120
reg# 3522088 red bull calf sired by reg#3182370
cows bred back to reg#3563717

Sundberg Farms
8 reg Black Angus cows 3-5 yrs old bred reg Black Angus
4 reg Black Angus cows 6-8 yrs old bred to reg Black Angus