By Steve Carruthers
Posted: Updated:
09/17/2022 @ 11:00 am

Special Breeding Stock Sale
Saturday September 17th @ 11am
Featuring Fall Calving Heifers & Cows
Early Consignments:
Korsmeyer Farms
75 Blk & Bwf fall calving heifers bred to low BW Blk Angus bulls
Heifers are on complete vaccination program
They have been pelvic measured & meet requirements for the
GLA Heifer Program

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Cripe Angus
20 Blk Angus & Red Angus fall calving cows 3-8 yrs old
bred t0 Andreas Red Angus bull

M&K Farms
30 fall calving Blkx cows 3-6 yrs old bred to Blk Angus bulls & vac

Teal Farms
16 Blkx fall calving cows 5-8 yrs old bred to
Nichols composite bulls vaccinated
some may calve by sale day