By Steve Carruthers
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Breeding Stock Sale results for November 11, 2017
Total receipts: 435

There was a full house for the annual fall Breeding Stock Sale. On hand was an especially nice showing of registered and commercial stock, along with a couple of herd dispersals. The demand was very high on good quality heifers and younger cows and a weaker under tone on older bred cows.

Prices quoted are only some representative sales & do not reflect all sales.

Heifers 2nd and 3rd stage:

Fancy 1100-1200 lbs 1900.00-2300.00 Registered up to 2700.00
Good 1000-1200 lbs
1500.00-2100.00, 900-1100 lbs 1300.00-1700.00

Young Bred Cows 2nd and 3rd stage:

Fancy 1100-1400 lbs 1350.00-1650.00
Good 1100-1400 lbs

Older Bred Cows 2nd and 3rd stage:

Solid 7-8 yrs old 1000-1400 lbs 900.00-1200.00
Solid 9- Aged 1000-1400 lbs

Cow/Calf Pairs:

Young 1300.00-1800.00 Registered up to 3000.00